Cub Cadet Challenger 550 UTV

challenger 550How much does a UTV really cost? Most models are sold with little more than a couple seats, a bed, and an engine. If you want more out of your vehicle, you’ll end up spending well beyond the MSRP to get the features you need. With the new Challenger 550, Cub Cadet includes most of the items you’d want from the start in a flexible, capable package.

Well Equipped from the Factory

Most UTVs come with an open cabin, but the Challenger has an ROPS-mounted roof, a windshield and a pair of doors. The doors are sealed to help keep mud and water out, and they have handles on the inside and outside. Since they come stock, Cub Cadet was able to eliminate hip and shoulder restraints, making the interior more spacious. Dual side mirrors are also included for more visibility. Sit in the driver’s seat and you’ll find a tilt steering wheel, a locking glove box, and some additional open storage.

You’ll find even more equipment on the outside. This model comes with aluminum wheels, turn signals, lights and a front-mounted 3,500 lb. winch.


This model uses a new 550 cc liquid cooled OHC powerplant. It’s connected to a CVT which can drive either the rear or both axles, propelling this vehicle to a top speed of 45 mph. The rear axle can be locked for traction on extreme terrain, while dual sway bars keep the Challenger planted when taking turns. The shocks can be adjusted using a screwdriver and spanner wrench, which are included with the vehicle. The suspension provides 12 inches of ground clearance.

This UTV can tow up to 1,200 lbs, and it has two-inch receivers on both the front and rear of the vehicle, making it easy to move trailers out of tight spaces. The brakes are fully hydraulic for predictable performance.

Cargo Bed

The dump bed measures 34 x 46 x 100 inches and can carry a maximum of 500 lbs. It has molded vertical slots for 3/4 inch plywood to create partitions and T-slots for tie-downs. Accessory rack tubes can be added to attach extra equipment while keeping the bed empty. There are releases for the bed on both the driver and passenger sides so it can be emptied from either seat.


Even with all of its standard equipment, there are plenty of ways to add features to this UTV. Cub Cadet even fitted the roof with a panel designed for accessories including lightbars and cube lights, and a bus bar kit is available to tap into the vehicle’s electrical system.

One thing that seems to be missing from the long list of included equipment is power steering. As it is, the manual rack is light enough that it only becomes a chore to use when the rear diff lock is engaged, but an electrically assisted rack is available.

If you need more ventilation, the standard windshield can be replaced with a vented or folding unit. If you want more protection from the outdoors, the cab can be fully enclosed by adding side and rear windows. Want more visibility? Add a rear view mirror.


The Challenger 550 is available in Cub Cadet yellow, blue, red or, for an additional charge, camo.

Getting Parts and Accessories for the Cub Cadet Challenger 550

When you need anything for your Cub Cadet UTV, visit We have parts for everything from the company from classic tractors to the latest off-roaders, and we can ship these items to any location in the U.S. and Canada.

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Cub Cadet Pro Z Mowers 900 S and L

Pro ZDo you need to mow a large area quickly, and you want something that can leave a quality finish? Then you need a 900 Series ZTR. The largest mower in Cub Cadet’s Pro Z lineup, it combines top quality components and unique features like the Synchro-Steer system and a reinforced deck to make this one of the best performing zero turn mowers on the market.


The 900 Series is powered by a Kawasaki FX1000V that produces 35 hp. From built-in cleaning ports to an advanced head design, everything about this engine is designed to deliver the most reliable performance you can get from a lawn mower engine.

Power is sent to a pair of Parker HTG transmissions. Each transmission integrates a 16 cc pump with a 310 cc wheel motor. These commercial grade units use an aluminum case and a built-in fan to help disperse heat to ensure a long life. These motors can propel the 900 Series to a top speed of 14 mph going forward and 7 mph in reverse.

With two tanks carrying a total of 14.9 gallons of fuel, this mower can run a long time before you’ll need to stop for gas. An air suspension seat with adjustable firmness, lumbar support, and angle help you last as long as the fuel.

Want to mow even faster? Cub Cadet’s Synchro-Steer system replaces the lap bars with a steering wheel and adds steering to the front wheels. Turning the wheel and operating the pedals both steers and controls the wheel motor speeds individually, providing unparalleled steering precession. On average, it allows lawns to be mowed 10% faster, but you may see even greater cuts in mowing time in areas loaded with landscaping features and other obstacles.


Constructed or not, the deck used on these mowers can still deliver the high-quality finish you expect from a Cub Cadet. Instead of using thick metal to resist impacts, Cub Cadet starts with a 7 gauge shell and adds 7 gauge top and bottom reinforcements along with 1/4 inch and 5/16 inch leading edge reinforcements. The result is a low weight deck strengthened at the points that experience the highest stresses, whether they come from impact or the blade spindles. Anti-scalping rollers come built in, while the mowing height can be set to 16 positions ranging from 1 to 5 inches. Power is transferred to the blades via a pivoting front axle, which keeps the deck following the ground for a superior finish.


Cub Cadet makes four versions of the Pro Z 900 series, giving you a choice between deck sizes and control systems:

Pro Z 960L KW – Lap bar control and a 60-inch deck
Pro Z 972L KW – Lap bar control and a 72-inch deck
Pro Z 960S KW – Synchro-Steer control and a 60-inch deck
Pro Z 972S KW – Synchro-Steer control and a 72-inch deck


Want to mulch? The deck chamber can be sealed with the mulching kit, while the restrictor kit lets you switch between mulching and side discharge by simply moving a lever. Need to collect clippings? The deck can do that with the addition of the power assist triple bagger. It uses an impeller to help draw clippings from the deck to maintain cutting performance. There’s also a heavy-duty striper kit with wide rollers to get that sports arena finish.

The mower can also be equipped with a lighting kit and a 12-volt power outlet for charging your smartphone, as well as an electric lift for easy blade access.

The 900’s uses can extend beyond mowing. Cub Cadet offers an array of trailers built for hauling cargo, picking up leaves and broadcast seeding. These mowers can even be used in winter with the addition of a snow blade and tires chains.


Cub Cadet guarantees 900 Series motors for three years with no limit on operation hours, while Kawasaki provides the same guarantee for the FX Series engine.

Where to Get Parts for Cub Cadet Professional Equipment is a certified dealer for both Cub Cadet and Kawasaki Engines USA, letting us provide you with everything you need for your Pro Z mower. Finding the right part on our site is easy thanks to built-in factory parts diagrams and descriptions, and we can ship whatever you need to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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Cub Cadet Pro Z Mowers 700 S and L

Pro Z 700 Cub CadetCub Cadet may be best known for their consumer products, but they still offer plenty of equipment aimed at professionals. The Pro Z 700 series of ZTR mowers is no different, combining wide decks, industrial grade Kawasaki motors and some unique features like the Synchro-Steer system into a package designed to meet the needs of the most demanding commercial operators.


All Pro Z 700 mowers are powered by a Kawasaki FX921V. This one liter V-Twin uses a head design with three valves per cylinder, providing a nearly flat torque curve with a maximum output of 31 hp. The metal engine cover has ports for easy cleaning, while a metal grass chopper screen, cast iron cylinder liners, and a fully pressurized lubrication system with an oil cooler ensure this motor will last through years of commercial use. 14.9 gallons of fuel can be stored onboard for less frequent fill ups. This fuel is split between two tanks designed to keep the center of gravity low for stability. A gas gauge is built into the control panel for easy monitoring.

The hydraulic system is driven by a Parker HTJ series 12cc pump. It spins a pair of 260 cc hydrostatic wheel motors which can propel the 700 to a top speed of 12 mph when moving forward and 6 mph when in reverse.


The decks on these mowers are fabricated from 7 gauge steel on all sides. A quarter inch leading edge and 5/16 inch side reinforcements help protect the deck from impacts. Additional top reinforcements are paired with doors for the spindles, enabling access without tools or the need to flip the deck. If you want easier access for blade and deck maintenance, Cub Cadet offers an electric lift kit.

While set up for side discharge from the factory, the deck can also be used for mulching using a kit that adds high lift blades and baffles to help keep clippings in the mowing chamber long enough to be cut into small pieces. Clippings can also be picked up by adding a collection system. It uses an impeller to help pull grass out of the deck and compact it, increasing storage capacity.


At first, the Synchro-Steer system may seem like an odd option for a large commercial mower. While most buyers will be at home behind a pair of lap bars, Cub Cadet estimates that the added precision and speed of this steering wheel-based control can reduce average cutting times by about 10%. This is largely due to the steering system built into the front wheels, helping guide the mower as the drive wheels change speeds. Along with better control, it also reduces scrubbing, resulting in a better finish.

For those who don’t need to maneuver around difficult terrain and don’t want the added cost, there are still lap bar versions available. These are fully adjustable using a pair of knobs at the base of the handles, making it simple to set up the mower for operators of all sizes.


Along with the previously mentioned deck additions, a 72-inch snow blade and tire chains can be added to put these mowers to work clearing snow. An optional 12-volt outlet can charge smartphones and other devices, while a variety of trailers can be towed behind the mower to do everything from broadcast seeding to lawn sweeping.


The Pro Z 700 is available in four models, giving you a choice between 60 and 72-inch decks and either steering wheel or lap bar control.

Getting Parts for the Cub Cadet Pro Z 700 ZTR Mower is your complete source for Cub Cadet parts. We’re not just a Cub Cadet dealer, we’re also a dealer for engine manufacturers including Kawasaki Power Products, letting us provide everything you need to keep your commercial mower running. Best of all, we can ship anything you need to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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Cub Cadet Pro Z Mowers 500 S and L

Cub Cadet is popular with residential owners thanks to their performance and ease of use, but that doesn’t mean they left behind their roots in commercial lawn care. The Pro Z 500 Series combines the innovations that make them user-friendly along with high-quality components and unique features to make them a great choice for commercial users.


Cub Cadet offers the Pro Z 500 with a choice of two engines: a fuel-injected Kohler Command Pro or a Kawasaki FX Series. Both motors are built for the toughest commercial use with features including high-efficiency air cleaners and full pressure oiling systems.

Power is sent to the wheels using a 12 cc Parker HTJ transmission and 260 cc wheel motors. This lets the 500 reach 10 mph when moving forward and 5 mph when in reverse.

A pair of fuel tanks spreads out the weight to keep the center of gravity low while allowing the mower to carry just under 15 gallons of fuel for less frequent refueling. A gas gauge is included so you can check the fuel level without having to leave the seat.


The 500 uses a 7 gauge steel fabricated deck with reinforcements on all sides including a quarter inch rolled leading edge. Deck height can be adjusted to 16 setting between 1-5 inches using a foot pedal. Anti-scalp rollers come standard, and the spindles can be reached from the top of the deck via tool-free access covers. The deck comes set up for side discharge, but a chute plug can be added for mulching; high lift blades are standard. For bagging, there’s a kit with a PTO impeller that pulls clippings from the deck and compacts them for more onboard storage. The three bags it uses can hold up to 9 cubic feet of material. Need to mow a sports arena? Cub Cadet offers a striping kit to get that ball park finish.


Cub Cadet offers the 500 with lap bar and steering wheel controls. The lap bars have large, easy to reach knobs for position adjustment, and the parking brake is designed to engage automatically when the bars are opened. The front axle is designed to pivot freely to follow the terrain and has a dampening system for an improved ride.

Steering wheel-controlled mowers use Cub Cadet’s Synchro-Steer system. Along with controlling the speed of the drive wheels, this system actively steers the front wheels to deliver lap bar precision and reduced scrubbing for a perfect finish.


There are three lap bar models available in the 500 range. The Pro Z 554 L EFI comes with a 54-inch deck and a Kohler Command Pro engine that produces 26.5 hp. The 554 L KW replaces the Kohler with a 27 hp Kawasaki FX850V. The 560 L KW combines the Kawasaki motor with a 60-inch deck.

The Synchro-Steer system is available with a 54-inch deck in the Pro Z 554 S KW and a 60-inch deck with the Pro Z 560 S KW. Both mowers are powered by the Kawasaki engine.

No matter which model you choose, it will be protected with a three year/unlimited hour warranty.

Getting Parts for the Pro Z 500 Series

Everything you need to keep your Pro Z 500 running is available from We’re a certified dealer for Cub Cadet, Kohler and Kawasaki so we can supply you with anything you need for your commercial mower. Finding the right part is easy thanks to our search engine which can show you factory parts diagrams and descriptions. Best of all, we can ship your order to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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Pro Z Mowers 100 S and L

pro z 100sCub Cadet’s residential mowers may get the most attention thanks to innovative features that make them easy to use, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out if you need something for commercial duty. The Pro Z 100 Series of mid-deck ZTR mowers are built for the needs of commercial and high demand residential buyers, combining features like the SmartJet deck washing system and Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut with a platform built with top quality components.


These mowers are available with a 23.5 hp Kawasaki FX Series engine or a Kohler Confidant engine rated at either 25 or 27 HP. The Confidant is equipped with electronic fuel injection, making them easy to start on cold mornings while reducing maintenance and increasing engine life through precise fuel control. A full pressure oil system with an automotive-style oil filter and a heavy duty air filtration system further improves engine life. The Kawasaki engine uses a carburetor, but features like a giant canister-style air filter, full pressure lubrication system and an integrated oil cooler give it the durability to make it a great choice for commercial use.

Fuel is provided by a pair of four-gallon gas tanks at the sides of the motor, proving plenty of running time between fill-ups while keeping the center of gravity low for stability.


Motivation is provided by a HydroGear ZT3400 hydraulic transmission. Top speed is 9.5 mph.


The 100 Z uses a fabricated deck made from 10 gauge steel paired with a 7 gauge reinforcement plate. It houses three blades and is available with a cutting width of 48, 54 or 60 inches when paired with a Kohler motor or 60 inches when equipped with the Kawasaki motor. A sloped front, a set of anti-scalp rollers and a consistent blade speed ensure the finish quality you expect from a Cub Cadet. This deck is designed for side discharge, but a mulching kit is available, as is a striping kit for that perfect ballpark finish. Need to collect clippings? Cub Cadet offers a bagging system with a PTO impeller to keep grass moving through the system without bogging down the deck. It can store up to 9 cubic feet of debris before being unloaded.

Cutting height can be adjusted to 15 settings between 1-5 inches. The inside of the deck can be cleaned using Cub Cadet’s SmartJet high-pressure deck washing system: just hook up a hose, and the channels inside direct the water to wash out clumped grass and debris. A power deck lift kit can be added for easier maintenance. This mower can even be used to clear snow with a wheel weight kit and a 58-inch snow blade.

100 S: More than Just a Steering Wheel

In the past, translating a ZTR’s movement to a steering wheel has been a little awkward, limiting their use to residential models aimed at buyers who won’t be putting in the hours to get comfortable with lap bar controls. That all changes with Cub Cadet’s Synchro-Steer system.

What sets this mower apart is its use of four wheel steering. On the 100 Series S, those front wheels aren’t just casters: their angle is controlled by the steering system while the speed of the two rear drive wheels adjusts to make turns. This makes steering as controllable as a lap bar mower while reducing scrubbing to the point that it’s almost nonexistent. Even if your crew is proficient with lap bar controls, a Synchro-Steer model is still worth a look.

100 L: A Better Lap Bar

The 100 L doesn’t have the Synchro-Steer system, but that doesn’t mean the lap bar system was ignored. It’s fully adjustable using a set of large, easy to reach knobs for quick adjustments, and the parking brake system is integrated into the controls: open up the bars, and the brake locks automatically.


Cub Cadet backs these mowers with a two-year/unlimited operation hour warranty for commercial owners and a four year/500 hour warranty for residential owners. Kawasaki guarantees their engines for three years of commercial use, while Kohler guarantees their engines for two years of commercial use or three years of residential use.

Getting Parts for Cub Cadet Professional Mowers is a certified dealer for Cub Cadet, Kawasaki, and Kohler, letting us provide you with OEM parts for anything on your Pro Z 100 Series. When you search for parts, you’ll see factory diagrams alongside part descriptions, making it easy to find what you need. We ship orders across the U.S. and Canada.

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Signature Cut Series Self-propelled Lawn Mowers

12ACC6S6710_product_detail_largeWant the look of a professionally mowed lawn but don’t want the expense and size of a commercial lawn mower? Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut self-propelled mowers deliver the same finish that has made the brand the favorite of professionals in a package that fits your lawn and budget.

A Pro Finish from a Small Mower

These mowers use Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut design. Its low leading edge increases vacuum, pulling up blades of grass so they all get cut to the same length. The deck is set up for bagging, mulching, and side discharge, letting the owner choose the right mode for the current lawn conditions. Continue reading

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Is a Zero-Turn Mower Worth It?

d19475c4-daa1-4b0a-9e83-ec156c9286a2_1000Can a ZTR really cut your mowing time in half? Is it worth the extra cost? Is there anything that a lawn tractor can do better? Here’s everything you need to know to decide if a Cub Cadet ZTR is right for you.

What is a ZTR?

A Zero Turning Radius (ZTR) mower has two drive wheels and two or more wheels mounted on casters. Instead of a direct connection between the wheels and the engine, the motor drives a hydraulic pump, and the pressure from this pump is used to drive two hydraulic motors, one for each drive wheel. Power reaching each wheel can be varied, so the mower can be turned by making one wheel go faster than the other. Set one wheel to go forward and the other in reverse at the same speed, and the mower can spin in place.

What Should I Look at When Considering a ZTR?

There are two major types of ZTR: front deck and mid deck. A front deck mower places the deck ahead of the frame, giving a clear view of the area being mowed and can be pushed into corners, reducing the need to trim. A mid deck mower places the deck beneath the operator like a lawn tractor, making the mower more compact and maneuverable. It’s also easier to build a floating deck on a mid mount, which helps the deck follow the contours of the soil for a better finish. Currently, Cub Cadet only makes mid deck mowers. This design lets them deliver the best finish possible.

Decks can be stamped or constructed. Stamped decks are pressed from a sheet of steel and have a rounded mowing chamber with minimal turbulence. This provides increased vacuum, pulling grass toward the blades for the best mowing finish. Constructed decks are made by welding together several pieces of thick steel, reducing vacuum and finish quality in exchange for increased durability.

ZTR’s can be controlled with lap bars or a steering wheel. Lap bars are levers that let you control each wheel motor independently. These “tank” controls can take a while to learn. Some new mowers like Cub Cadet’s S Series use a steering wheel with a pair of pedals, one to go forward and one for reverse. These are as easy to learn as a lawn tractor, and they’re easier to handle when mowing on slopes.

What Can a ZTR Do that a Lawn Tractor Can’t?

The steering system on a ZTR makes it easy to line up for overlapping passes, mowing the lawn without leaving strips. It’s also possible to get the deck much closer to trees, fences and other obstacles, cutting the amount of trimming that will need to be done after the mow. This can mean major time savings when mowing heavily landscaped lawns.

What Can a Lawn Tractor Do that a ZTR Can’t?

Since they don’t have the complicated drive system of a ZTR, a tractor is far less expensive, especially compared to steering wheel-controlled models. That complexity also means maintenance and repair costs are also higher on a ZTR than a tractor. If you don’t need the added maneuverability to get around trees and other objects, it may not be worth the extra cost.

Lawn and garden tractors can handle much heavier attachments, and they usually don’t need ballast weights. If you need to use heavy equipment like snow plows or tillers, a garden tractor may be the best choice regardless of price.

Where Can I Get Parts for Cub Cadet Mowers? is a certified Cub Cadet dealer, carrying all the parts for their ZTR, riding and walk-behind mowers as well as other equipment ranging from tractors to leaf blowers. Our site can show you factory parts diagrams and descriptions, making it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. We can ship anything you need to any address in the U.S. and Canada.

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How High Should You Mow Your Grass?

Grass-HeightHow tall should your grass be? While it may be tempting to set your deck to the lowest height to cut more at a time, that’s not the best strategy if you want a healthy lawn. Here’s what you need to know about cutting heights to keep your lawn looking lush while reducing weeding and other maintenance.

The Importance of Grass Height

It seems logical that you would want to cut the grass as low as possible and let it grow as much as possible to save labor. However, doing so can harm the grass, leading to more work patching bald spots and removing weeds. Keeping grass at the right height can save work in the long run.

If the grass is too long, it provides a habitat for undesirable animals including mice, snakes, voles and mosquitoes. Once you do mow, the added length of the grass will stress your mower, often to the point that mulching will be impossible. This means clippings will need to be bagged, removing nutrients from the soil.

If the grass is too short, it can’t put down a solid root system to keep out weeds. It also reduces ground cover, increasing the amount of sunlight reaching the soil. In turn, the water will evaporate from the soil faster during droughts and severe heat, drying out the grass.

Grass Heights by Type

These are general guidelines, with varieties of grasses responding better to specific heights within these ranges. When in doubt, ask a seed supplier about their recommendations.

  • 0.25-0.75 inches : Bentgrass
  • 0.5-1.5 inches: Bermuda, zoysia
  • 1.5-2.5 inches: centipede, fine fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, ryegrass
  • 2-3 inches: bahia, buffalograss, tall fescue
  • 2-4 inches: St. Augustine

Mowing Through the Season

When first mowing in the spring, cutting near the lower limit will help remove dead blades of grass.

During droughts, cut the grass to the maximum height to help resist heat and hold in moisture.

Increased grass height can help protect the grass from snow and frost. For the best results, aim for a height of three inches for your final mow, regardless of the type of cold season grass on your lawn.

Mowing Frequency

It takes the grass some time to recover after having parts of the blades sliced off, so care should be taken to make this process as gentle as possible. As a general rule of thumb, no more than 1/3 of the grass height should be removed in a single mow. Once the grass is at the right height, wait until the grass has grown a third before cutting it again. During peak growth, this means mowing will need to be done about once a week. If you’ve let the grass get too high, mow no more than every 4-5 days to bring the grass back to the desired height. This gives the grass some time to recover.

Dealing with Thatch

If you’ve been cutting your lawn too short before, you probably haven’t had to deal with thatch. Grass clippings, stems, and other lawn debris can build up, creating a layer over the soil that can block water and oxygen from reaching the roots. With thicker grass, this underlying layer will need to be removed once per season. Cub Cadet makes dethatching attachments for their garden tractors and mowers so you can do this yourself.

Where to Get Parts for Your Cub Cadet is a certified Cub Cadet dealer carrying all the parts you need to maintain your equipment and accessories from early tractors to the newest riding mowers. Our search engine has factory diagrams and parts descriptions built into it so you can quickly find the right parts for your mower, and we can ship your order anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

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Signature Cut Series Push Lawn Mowers

11A-B92J710_product_detail_zoomWant to bring a professional finish to your small lawn or to areas you can’t reach with a riding mower? Cub Cadet’s Signature Cut push lawn mowers give you the same finish as their riding lawn mowers. This makes them a great choice for residential owners with small lawns yet they’re tough enough for professional landscapers who need something that can be used in heavily landscaped areas.

What is the Cub Cadet Signature Cut?

If you’ve looked at riding mowers and tractors, you’ll know that stamped decks provide the best finish because their curved shape improves suction, drawing the grass to the blades and keeping clippings in the mowing chamber longer for finer mulching. Cub Cadet takes this a step further with decks designed with a lower leading edge that increases vacuum, ensuring every blade of grass is cut to the same length. Continue reading

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Wide-Cut Walk-Behind Mowers

12ACW62R710_product_listing_flashNeed to mow a large area but don’t want the expense or complexity of a riding mower? Cub Cadet’s line of wide deck mowers are built to be as easy to use as a small walk-behind mower while delivering the power and cutting capacity to handle large lawns.

The Wide Cut Difference

Most walk behind mowers have a maximum deck size of 21 inches, but Cub Cadet’s wide cut mowers use 28-33 inch wide decks, reducing mowing times by 33% or more. The decks use two cutting blades to deliver a high quality finish and have a SmartJet deck washing system that lets you clean the deck by connecting a water hose, just like Cub Cadet’s riding lawnmowers. Continue reading

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