Volunteer WT Cab

Do you need a utility vehicle that’s built to haul? Does it need some weather protection? Should it work on a variety of surfaces from pavement to rocky terrain? If so, then Cub Cadet’s Volunteer WT Cab is the perfect vehicle for the job.

What’s the Difference Between the WT Cab and the Regular Volunteer 4×4 EFI?

They may share some parts, but there are several key differences between these two models. Here’s what the WT has in addition to the standard Volunteer:

  • A larger payload capacity
  • An aluminum bed that can be used as a flat bed
  • The ability to disengage the front axle for better handling on pavement
  • Power steering
  • Stronger suspension
  • Multi-surface tires
  • A standard cab
  • The option of adding a winch

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Volunteer 4×4 EFI

Looking for a utility vehicle that can do it all? The Cub Cadet Volunteer 4×4 EFI combines a fuel injected engine, advanced four-wheel drive system and a wide assortment of accessories to make it the perfect machine for a wide range of jobs from plowing snow to towing small equipment.


The Volunteer uses a Kohler Aegis LH775 liquid-cooled V-Twin producing 31 hp and 47.7 ft-lbs of torque. It uses an electronic fuel injection system developed in cooperation with Bosch to match the performance and durability of automotive systems. It also has a full pressure oiling system with a filter and a heavy duty air filter with double the surface area of its competitors. These design features let the engine produce reliable power in a range of conditions and reduce the amount of maintenance required to keep it running. Continue reading

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Challenger 400 and 400LX

Looking for a utility vehicle? Want the quality of a Cub Cadet but don’t want to spend a lot of money? The Challenger 400 and 400LX offer compact platforms with plenty of utility, whether you’re looking for a quick way to travel across your land, a light towing platform, or something to help with groundskeeping.

What is a Challenger 400?

The 400 is the smallest utility vehicle in Cub Cadet’s lineup. At 96 inches long, 50 inches wide and 71 inches tall, it can get into tight spaces yet still provides plenty of performance. In fact, it’s small enough that it can fit in a standard pickup bed, eliminating the need for a trailer to bring it to work sites. Continue reading

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Cub Cadet Chainsaws (511 vs 552)

Cub-Cadet-CS-511Looking for a chainsaw to use around the home? Cub Cadet offers two options: the CS 511 and the CS 552. Built for common residential tasks like cutting limbs, felling small trees, and trimming logs to be made into firewood, these saws are light and easy to use, but they aren’t dumbed down for home users, either. Professional quality motors and clever design features make these Cub Cadets easy to own.

Ease of Use

These models come with an automatic chain oiler, but chain tensioning has to be done manually. Fortunately, the tensioning bolts are exposed on the side of the chainsaw body, making them easy to access.

The choke is integrated into the carburetor, and the engine just needs a few squeezes of the priming bulb before it will fire up. A wide foot handle makes it easy to keep the saw in position when pulling the starter handle. Like other two-strokes, the motors used in the CS 511 and CS 552 are sensitive to fuel age. Cub Cadet doesn’t offer pre-mixed fuel, but they do encourage owners to use a fuel stabilizer and to check the fuel using test swabs. Continue reading

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Which CORE String Trimmer is Right for You?

41AERE6C912_product_detail_largeIn the past, when you bought a string trimmer, you had to choose between the convenience and low maintenance of an electric motor or the power and long run times of a gasoline engine. Thanks to technological advancements, Cub Cadet’s CORE motor and battery system can deliver power and convenience in a single package. If you’re thinking of buying one, you might be wondering: Is it really a good replacement for a gas trimmer? What will it take to keep them running? Should I get the CCT400 or the CCE400?

Let’s find out!

What is CORE, and What Does It Mean for String Trimmers?

CORE is Cub Cadet’s new electric power unit. It’s built around a motor that replaces the wound metal wire stators of a regular brushless motor with a plated circuit board. Paired with an advanced controller, it can deliver an amazing amount of power in a light package while also carefully managing output for maximum battery life. While voltage is normally the best way to compare electric lawn care equipment, this new design is a lot more efficient, which means more power from less voltage. Continue reading

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Using Your Power-Lok Attachments

Cub Cadet’s CORE Power Unit combines the strength of a small two-stroke engine with the convenience of a rechargeable battery. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of the unit’s Power-Lok attachments, including the blower, string trimmer and hedge trimmer.


When operating the CORE drive unit with any attachment, always wear non-slip gloves, non-slip safety boots, and clothing that covers your arms and legs. Keep your eyes protected with safety glasses that meet the latest ANSI Z87.1 or CAN/CSA – Z94.3 standards. Continue reading

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Assembly and Operation of the Power-Lok Drive Unit

Powered by Cub Cadet’s new CORE motor, the Power-Lok Drive Unit offers the power of a small two-stroke with the convenience of rechargeable equipment. That technology along with the brand’s unique attachment system is extremely easy to use, but it’s different enough from previous systems that there are some new things to learn to get the most out of it.


Always wear eye protection that meets current ANSI Z87.1 or CAN/CAS Z94.3 safety standards. The motor is quiet enough that ear protection isn’t necessary when using this device, but protection should still be used when operating in noisy locations.

The attachments available for the drive unit can propel lawn debris at high velocities. When operating this equipment, make sure you’re protected by wearing gloves, non-slip safety boots, pants and a long sleeve shirt to help deflect these projectiles. Continue reading

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Storm Season Tree Care

Hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and ice storms can wreak havoc on your trees, killing them off and causing major damage to your property. However, with the right planning, you can mitigate this damage. By preparing your land to withstand storms and repairing the damage left by them, you can ensure your trees remain healthy, beautiful and safe.

Stay Safe: No Tree is Worth Your Life

Whether you’re cleaning up after a storm or trimming trees to prepare for the upcoming season, it pays to do a thorough inspection before starting work. Continue reading

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Cub Cadet Core Tools Overview

core-partsIn the past, when looking at small lawn equipment, buyers had to choose between the low maintenance convenience of battery-powered devices and the power and flexibility of gas-powered products. With Cub Cadet’s new CORE motor, you don’t have to compromise: it’s as clean and simple as any other electric lawn tool, but it delivers the power of a small two stroke and can run long enough between charges that range should never be an issue.

What is CORE?

CORE stands for “Conductor-Optimized Rotary Energy.” Instead of the wound coils found in a traditional brushless motor, the CORE motor uses magnetic rotors surrounded by a wide plated circuit board. The motor is driven by an advanced controller that automatically adjusts output based on demand to reduce power consumption. That means less weight, more power and longer running time per battery charge. How good is it? Continue reading

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Features, Specs, and Options for the Cub Cadet CS59L Chainsaw

Features, Specs and Options for the Cub Cadet CS59L ChainsawCub Cadet is one of the top names in the power equipment industry and it is known for making quality equipment for both residential and commercial purposes. One unique feature of Cub Cadet equipment is the smaller size, but by utilizing lithium-ion technology, the tools are able to compete with larger, gas-powered equipment. The Cub Cadet CS59L Chainsaw is one of these that offers a full complement of power and cordless operation.
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